hi, i'm lucas!

Currently, I live in Providence, RI, where I study computer science and English at Brown. In my free time, I co-lead Reboot's student fellowship and write/report, most recently for VICE, Kernel Magazine, and on my Substack, ZINE MUNCH.

In the past, I was an engineering intern on Substack's growth product team, part of Coding it Forward's Software Engineering Corps in the NYC Department of City Planning, TAed in Brown's Socially Responsible Computing program for Professor Andy van Dam, and edited for Kernel Magazine and the College Hill Independent's Science & Tech section.

I'm most active on Twitter and most reachable by email — please say hi! For professional and professional-adjacent things, find me on Linkedin or read my resume. You can also find me on Are.na, Github, Goodreads, Instagram, Last.fm, and Letterboxd.

This layout was inspired primarily by Jessica Dai's website along with the sites of Nick Abouzeid, Anna Wiener, and Kyle Chayka. I built it using SvelteKit.